30 May 2012
Co-operatives are key to providing food security for the developing world, according to the ICA's President Dame Pauline Green.
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14 May 2012
The international banking co-operative, Rabobank, is aiming to collect over 5,000 statements about the values of co-operatives for its new internet forum.
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4 May 2012
Individuals to share stories of Co-ops strengthening local communities during White House community Leaders Briefing
30 April 2012
Mujeres de África han comparado recientemente sus cooperativas de crédito con las de América del Norte, y han descubierto que los negocios no eran tan diferentes.
30 April 2012
For World Fair Trade Day, the ICA is encouraging co-operatives to show how the movement builds a better world for Fairtrade farmers.
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