30 May 2012
Co-operatives are key to providing food security for the developing world, according to the ICA's President Dame Pauline Green.
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14 May 2012
The international banking co-operative, Rabobank, is aiming to collect over 5,000 statements about the values of co-operatives for its new internet forum.
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4 May 2012
Individuals to share stories of Co-ops strengthening local communities during White House community Leaders Briefing
30 April 2012
Le Directeur Général au logement de l'ACI, David Rodgers , a annoncé son départ à la retraite de l'organisation sectorielle à la fin de son mandat en 2013.
30 April 2012
Las cooperativas en todo el Reino Unido son las patrocinadoras más recientes del fondo del Año Internacional de las Cooperativas de la ACI, cuyas donaciones alcanzan ahora un total de 463,000 francos suizos.
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