30 April 2012
Exactly one year after the United Nations’ official launch event in New York, the birthplace of the modern co-operative movement will play host to the global culmination event for the International Year of Co-operatives.
30 April 2012
Selon un panel de représentants de l'Union Européenne, certaines coopératives européennes travaillent en ce moment à mettre en place un système agroalimentaire compétitif et équitable.
30 April 2012
Co-operatives across the UK have shown support for the ICA’s International Year of Co-operatives fund with global donations now totalling CHF 463,000.
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30 April 2012
Le Directeur Général au logement de l'ACI, David Rodgers , a annoncé son départ à la retraite de l'organisation sectorielle à la fin de son mandat en 2013.
27 April 2012
Co-operatives contribute to the development of their communities and sectors, according to a ‘final declaration’ from a group of academics.Following on from the “Promoting the understanding of cooperatives for a better world” conference in Venice, organised by research institute Euricse, an overview document of the event found that co-operation is emerging in the public service sectors and that better regulation to stimulate co-operative growth is needed.


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