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Build agricultural co-operatives to end global hunger

Meeting of the Committee on Food Security recommends more co-ops Rome, Italy. 20 October, 2012; The Committee on Food Security, an inter-governmental body of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), has called on UN member states, international organisations and other stakeholders to foster co-operatives and farmer organisations. This is part of its recommended “twin-track” strategy, ratified in Rome today, to ensure essential assistance is given in the short term to those in need while at the same time protecting and building productive assets for a sustainable future.

Dunsany Declaration - Co-operatives key to feeding a growing population

Co-operatives are critically important to feed a growing population in an era of increasing global resource scarcity and unequal distribution. This is the message of the Dunsany Declaration, launched today to coincide with World Food Day.

Co-operatives are key to ending hunger and feeding the world

Geneva, Switzerland. 16 October, 2012; "Why is it that we produce enough food to feed the world and yet 870 million of its inhabitants still go hungry each day?" asked Dame Pauline Green today on the occasion of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) World Food Day.


Co-operatives' new era of growth: ICA President

Quebec City, Canada. 9 October, 2012; The global co-operative movement is poised to enter a period of unheralded strength and growth, said the President of the International Co-operative Alliance today at the launch of the ICA's book published for the International Year of Co-operatives "Building A Better World: 100 Stories of Co-operation".

Un milliard de membres ne peuvent se tromper

Québec (Canada) 8 octobre 2012 – Réunies cette semaine à Québec, les plus importantes coopératives du monde examineront les défis à relever afin de poursuivre la croissance du secteur coopératif au cours des prochaines décennies. 



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