African Co-operative Development Strategy 2013-2016

The Africa Co-operative Development Strategy had been developed as a build-up to gains realized in 2012 during the celebration of the UN International Year of Co-operatives. The enthusiasm and interest generated during the year gave us the encouragement to pursue a more pragmatic approach to the promotion and development of the co-operative movement touching on all social and economic facets of human development in the continent.

ILO report: Sustainable development, decent work and green jobs

This report addresses the challenges of achieving environmental sustainability and turning the vision of decent work for all into a reality.


Homegrown - The UK Co-operative economy 2013

Co-operative enterprises across the UK represent a homegrown economy, one which is providing enduring solutions to the economic and social challenges of today’s society.
Founded on principles of shared ownership, shared voice and shared profits, it is an economy driven, not by the need to reward financially a few shareholders or to escape to a tax haven, but by the will to broaden control to many, and harness participation at every stage.

Blueprint for a Co-op Decade

Read the Final Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade in Chinese, English, French, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish and a summary version in Greek.

The State of Food and Agriculture 2013

Food systems for better nutrition Malnutrition in all its forms – undernutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, and overweight and obesity – imposes unacceptably high economic and social costs on countries at all income levels.


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