Global Research Conference 2014 Photo Gallery (page 2)

Participants in the Global Research Conference pay tribute to the late Ian MacPherson: researcher, educator, historian, co-operator, mentor, and friend.

Akira Kurimoto, Director of Japan's Consumer Co-operative Institute and a member of the Committee on Co-operative Research Executive Committee, expands on Ian MacPherson's contributions to the global co-operative movement - as well as shared memories of a taxi ride from Jaipur to the Taj Mahal and an exchange of recipes and co-operative cooking classes.

Alliance President Dame Pauline Green celebrates the seminal contributions of Ian MacPherson in a tribute to one of the "grand ole men" of the co-operative movement.

Joanna Dennis of Manchester Metropolitan University speaks on the emergence of co-operative schools in the UK.

Denyse Guy, Executive Director of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada, talks to conference participants.

Not all the conference activities took place indoors!

A cultural event in the Croatian countryside was one of the highlights.

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