Global Research Conference 2014 Photo Gallery (page 1)

A selection of photographs from the June 2014 Global Research Conference in Pula, Croatia.










EURICSE's Carlo Borzaga talks about the similarities and differences between co-operatives and social enterprises at the Young Scholars workshop on June 25. 

Community Economic Development consultant Milford Bateman speaks to the Young Scholars on "Supporting Co-operatives in Theory and Practice."

Pierre Laliberté of the ILO speaks on "Why Worker Co-operatives are Back & Needed" at the Young Scholars workshop.

Economist Ha-Joon Chang, who spoke in Pula via teleconference from Cambridge, U.K., challenged the co-operative movement to embrace the co-operative identity, to laud the Values and Principles, and to make sure that co-operative products are known as such.

Co-operators and researchers divided themselves into break-out groups to discuss what reporting systems are necessary to measure progress towards the goals of the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade.  Each group dealt with one of the Blueprint's five themes; this one tackled the question through the lens of co-operative identity.

This group discussed how to measure participation from a co-operative perspective.

Measuring the co-operative difference in terms of co-ops as sustainable businesses was the theme of this group's discussion.

This group discussed how we assess whether capitalization mentods are appropriate for co-operatives.

This group discussed how to assess legal frameworks from a co-operative perspective.

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