Reshaping the Future of Finance. Child and Youth Finance International Summit and Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, 4 April 2012 to Thursday, 5 April 2012
RAI Convention Center
Europaplein 22
1078GZ  Amsterdam

1. About ChildFinance
Finance is an important part of life. Yet many children and youth do not fully understand it. 90% of children and youth are still without access to formal financial services. We say it is time to change the status quo. This is why the ChildFinance movement is dedicated to making sure that every child in the world has a savings account when they graduate from primary school and has the financial knowledge and skills to be able to operate this account. As a first step, we will work collaboratively to reach 100 million children in 100 countries by 2015.

2. Bringing Together Children and Policy-Makers to Interact!
The Child & Youth Finance International Summit and Awards Ceremony is the first event to bring together children, youth and senior level representatives from across various sectors on the topic of financial inclusion and ChildFinance education for children and youth. Prior to the Summit, children and youth will meet to voice their opinions for shaping the ChildFinance movement. They will bring their recommendation to the Summit, where they will engage directly with policy-makers on a level footing to share their views on ChildFinance.

3. Sharing Commitments, Efforts and Innovations
At the Summit, thought leaders and international experts from across various sectors will come together to address the financial issues that most deeply affect the lives of children and young people. Meeting participants will share commitments, efforts and innovations in bringing ChildFinance to 100 million children in 100 countries by 2015. The Summit will also feature an awards ceremony to recognize achievements and efforts in financial inclusion, entrepreneurship, financial education and global promotion of the topic.

4. Objectives of the Summit
• Highlight the commitment of movement members to bringing ChildFinance to 100 million children in 100 countries by 2015
• Share innovation/thought leadership from across various sectors and countries and ensure joint efforts
• Involve children and youth in shaping the movement and engaging with policy-makers
• Spread awareness about the ChildFinance concept

5. Expected Attendees
The Summit will welcome senior, high-ranking members from the following types of institutions:
• Financial authorities (national, regional international)
• Financial institutions (global & local)
• Financial education service providers
• Governmental sector representatives (including Ministries of Finance and Education)
• Large Corporations
• Foundations
• Leading researchers in the fields of financial inclusion and financial literacy
• Media
• Technology
• Multilateral and Bilateral Agencies
• NGOs
• Public personalities

And of course...
The children and youth! Youngsters aged 8 - 18 from across the world will take part to ensure that
their voices are heard within the ChildFinance movement.

Please visit for a detailed program of the Summit

Contact person: 
Bram Stoffele

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