Thursday, 15 May 2014 to Saturday, 17 May 2014
Expo Unimed Curitiba
Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 5300
Campo Comprido
81280-330  Curitiba, Paraná  Parana

Official Catalogue EXPOCOOP

Brazil will host the biggest event of the World Cooperatives. Between 15 and 17 May, happen to ExpoCoop 2014. This event will bring together over 150 exhibitors and 7000 visitors, among them: global co-operative leaders, international buyers and global suppliers.The MundoCoop Magazine, published most of Latin America, will be the Official Catalogue Expocoop.

What is MundoCoop?

The MundoCoop Magazine is today the only publication specializing in information and communication managers of the cooperative sector. With a mission to transform information into knowledge, MundoCoop do 14 years ago , the widest and most comprehensive news coverage on economics, management, finance, personnel and marketing cooperatives in the country. It is a targeted media offering greater efficiency for agent, both in profitability and in return along the desired Target. Allows the appropriateness of the advertising message directly to the target audience. "No dispersion". This makes MundoCoop an essential media from a strategic, tactical and commercial view Cooperatives.

This is an excellent opportunity for cooperatives and companies to advertise their products and services for the Latin America region.

Link digital magazine: http://www.magtab.com/embarcado/revista-mundocoop/

To advertise and get other information about the official catalog , please contact:

Revista Mundocoop
Telefone +55 (11) 4323-2881


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