Co-operative banks: a model for more sustainable and inclusive growth

Wednesday, 25 April 2012
European Assocition of Co-operative Banks
rue de l'Industrie 26-38
1040  Bruxelles

This event will gather academics, researchers, policy makers, representatives of co-operative banks and relevant stakeholders to share their thoughts, reflections and exchange views on their expectations for the future.

* How is the crisis changing the banking landscape?

* Why are co-operative banks different from the other banks?

* How can they contribute to stability and to a sustainable financing of the local economies?

This will also be an apportunity for participants to hear about the latest research on co-operative banks.

Moreover, Sven Giegold, MEP, who is hosting the event, will present in “avant-première” the Greens European Programme for a social and solidarity-based economy in Europe.

Contact person: 
Elisa Bevilacqua

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