5th Convention on co-operative banks in Europe-EACB — Belgium

Thursday, 6 December 2012
European Association of Co-operative Banks
Rue de l’Industrie 26-38
1040  Brussels

The 5th edition of the Convention on co-operative banks will take place in the context of the UN International Year of Co-operatives (IYC). The motto of the IYC is “co-operative enterprises build a better world” in line with the Millennium Development Goals. At European level, the Single Market Act for a social market economy has already triggered a number of initiatives within the EU institutions as the expectations rise for co-operatives and co-operative banks to build a better society based on social and sustainable models in the economy in line with EU Agenda 2020.

In this context the 5th Convention of Co-operative banks will offer the opportunity to demonstrate their contribution in the promotion of social values and solidarity.

What are the specific initiatives of co-operative banks? How do they excel in the field of social projects, environmental and governance goals? What are the views and the expectations of the EU, International institutions, academics and the stakeholders? What does the future hold for the sector?

The Convention will also be the occasion for co-operative banks to address policy recommendations against the background of regulatory initiatives on the agenda such as transposition at EU level and the post crisis initiatives in financial services.

Contact person: 
Mr. Guider

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