Rural Cooperation for the 21st Century: Unique Opportunities for Farm Families

There is growing demand for authentic family farm food with a ‘clean, green’ image. Farmers can avail of this market opportunity by selling their products directly to retailers and consumers and retaining a larger margin with higher profits. However a supportive and regulative framework is required to serve the needs and interests of both farmers and consumers and to achieve market success.

Co-con 2012

International conference on co-operative law

Cooperative Education Seminar

Each year the New Zealand Cooperatives Association runs education seminars for co-op and mutual senior executives and board members.

These seminars offer workshops and training sessions which have been tailored to provide guidance and solutions to challenges and issues that are unique to the cooperative and mutual business model.

Attendance is open to members and executives of both member and non-member businesses, to government officials and academics, and those involved in cooperatives in other countries.

Mutual Business Leaders' Symposium

During November 2012, Mutuo will welcome a delegation of senior co-operative and mutual business leaders from around the world to London.

As the leading advocacy organisation for UK mutuals, we have increasingly been asked to help facilitate links between co-operative and mutual businesses in the UK and overseas.

The visit has been timed to coincide with the fifth annual Mutuals’ Forum which brings together the whole of the British mutual sector for one day for debate, discussion and networking.

The International Conference on Cooperative Trends and development in Asia and Pacific Region

In 1844 or 168 years ago a modern cooperative as a formal association fully structured is found to have come into operation in England and is known as Equitable Pioneer Society which runs consumer store for meeting daily necessities of its members. After a couple of years credit unions are found to have emerged in order to meet credit need, of farmers in the rural agricultural sector, and of people of urban area, in the non-agricultural sector in Germany.

Concred - 9th Brazilian Congress of Credit Cooperatives.

Central theme: Credit Cooperatives Build a Better World

Keynote speaker Monique Leroux, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Dejardins, will focus on Dynamics and Strategies. A panel will also discuss the credit co-operatives in Brazil and the role they have in building a better world. 

OCCUL Pacific Credit Union Technical Congress

The Pacific Congress brings together developed and developing financial co-operatives from the Pacific region, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Skills building seminars and workshops provide the means for the movement to develop and grow into the future, while participants enjoy the warm Fijian hospitality.

Held from the 23rd-26th October 2012, the event registration is now open at:

ICA Board meeting

A meeting of the ICA Board to consider the Blueprint for a Co-operative decade.

iCooperate Ant campaign

iCooperate is a global campaign for members of co-operatives to identify themselves and share their stories in the lead up to the International Day of Co-operatives (July 7) and beyond.

Just as ants co-operate on a massive scale to the betterment of their communities, so do co-operatives work to the benefit of their members – making the ant a fitting mascot for co-operative business.

Ants are organized, work together and get the job done – all while providing for their communities.


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