Co-operatives and the World of Work: Presentations and papers

9 November 2015

Opening remarks by Numan Özcan, Director, Country Office for Turkey, International Labour Organization

Keynote address by Jürgen Schwettmann:  Co-operatives and the future of work

Session 1.1: Co-operatives and Sustainable Development

Marina Monaco, Gianluca Pastorelli: Before and after social innovation; Co-operatives offer sustainability  (Presentation)

Jürgen Schwettmann:  The role of co-operatives in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals -- the economic dimension (Paper)

Session 1.2: Co-operatives and innovation

Regina Galhardi, Amber van Dessel: ILO mapping exercise on statistics on co-operatives (Presentation)

Lenore Matthew: Global mapping of the provision of care through co-operatives: preliminary findings (Presentation)

Session 1.3: Co-operatives and employment creation

Sinem Bayraktar: Role of co-operatives in combatting child labour in seasonal agricultural work

Yena Lee,  Yunhwan Nam, Sanghoon Lee: The role and strategy for  community association of co-operatives as the secondary organization - Case of Guro Community Association of Co-operatives (Paper)

Cahyani Puspitasari Dewi: Habitus of Indonesian youth in getting involved in co-operatives (Paper)

Session 1.4: Co-operatives and trade unions

Minsun Ji: Reform or Revolution: Union-co-operative partnerships in the U.S. and South Korea (Paper)

Sabina  Breveglieri: Which role for trade unions in the promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy for the creation of decent work: Lessons learnt and challenging issues (Paper)

Larry Haiven: The Workers United: Interaction among the variety of collectivities (Presentation)

Session 1.5: Gender equality and women's empowerment in co-operatives

Sonia Maria Dias and Ana Carolina Ogando: Engendering waste pickers' co-operatives in Brazil

Sudha Kornginnaya: Women’s empowerment through participatory strategies: a study  (Paper)

Gisaro Ya-Bititi: Coffee co-operatives and women’s empowerment in Rwanda's rural areas: A case study of KOAKAKA Coffee Cooperative in Rwanda (Paper)

Fiona Duguid, Nadya Weber:  Women and co-operatives: Gender equality and women's empowerment  (Presentation)

Session 2.1: Co-operatives and trade unions

Esther N. Gicheru: The historical relations between consumer co-operatives and the labour movement in Kenya

Maria Monaco, Gianluca Pastorelli: Win-Win trade unions and worker co-operatives (Paper)

Akira Kurimoto: Co-operatives and trade unions: from occasional partners to builders of solidarity-based society (Paper)

Session 2.2: Co-operatives and innovation

Marcelo Vieta, Mümtaz Derya Tarhan, Fiona Duguid: From collective to co-operative entrepreneurship in Canada’s new co-operatives (Paper)

Session 2.3: Co-operatives and employment

Hyungsik Eum: Work and co-operative experience in co-operatives based on worker ownership (Paper)

Session 2.4: Gender equality and women's empowerment in co-operatives

Nilay Özlem Kiyak :Women’s co-operatives in social and economic development (Paper)

Carla Dohmwirth,  Markus Hanisch: Dairy co-operatives and women's empowerment, lessons from Karnataka (Paper)

Session 3.1: Co-operatives and trade unions

Cilla Ross, Gareth Young: Co-operatives, trade unions and decent work: learning and working together (Paper)

Mary Hoyer: The power of collaboration: Labour unions and worker co-ops in the U.S. (Paper)

Özge Berber-Agtaş: Protecting the rights of domestic workers in Turkey through co-operatives and/or trade unions (Presentation)

Session 3.2: Labour law and co-operative law

Claudia Sanchez Bajo: Analysis of the ILO notion of work related to that of co-operatives (Paper)

Gemma Fajardo-García: Proposals for better governance in worker co-operatives (Paper)

Keynote address by Camila Piñeiro Harnecker: The role of co-operatives in Cuba's new economy

10 November 2015

Session 4.1: Multi-stakeholder and worker co-operatives

Dietmar Roessl, Stefan Radakovics, Markus Thiemer, Katie Hyslop: The employees' awareness of co-operative principles -- Results of an empirical survey of employees working in Austrian credit co-operatives

Andrew Bibby: Co-operatives with multi-stakeholder membership: learning from the past

Sonja Novkovic: Multi-stakeholder co-operatives, socialism and solidarity (Presentation)

Session 4.2: Labour law and co-operative law

Burçin Başaran, Mustafa Kara: Contribution of co-operatives to the determination of regulations on co-operatives: case of Tekirdağ Province regional associations (Paper)

Aitor Bengoetxea Alkorta: Employment in worker co-operatives

Manuel García Jiménez: The autonomy or hereonomy of co-operative work (Paper)

Session 4.3: Co-operatives and innovation

Joanna Brzozowska-Wabik: The phenomenon of the revival of a co-operative idea in Poland  (Paper)

Anu Puusa, Kirsi Hokkila: Self-employment in a worker co-operative: Finding a balance between individual and community needs

Session 4.4: Co-operatives and organizational change

Jong Ho Won, Seungkwon Jang: Becoming a co-operative with self-organizing process: the case of Happy Bridge Co-operative (Paper)

Kim Hwalshin: A worker-owned firm’s organizational change from the perspective of organizational learning: The case of Woojin Traffic (Paper)

Yifat Solel: Re-conceptualizing 'The Worker':  Workers' co-operatives and unions fighting the new-old struggle for basic workers' rights in an age of out-sourcing and forced free-lance employment (Paper)

Session 5.2: Rural co-operatives

Graeme Reed: Social networks, agricultural innovation and co-operatives in the Niayes Region of Senegal (Presentation)

Mustafa Kara,  Recep Yücel, Pınar Kara Dinçer: Analysis for activities of the agricultural co-operatives and their members' expectations  (Paper)

Session 5.3: Worker co-operatives

Paola Raffaelli: Worker co-operatives and neoliberal economy: transformative or palliative? The Argentine case (Paper)

Marcelo Vieta: Saving jobs and businesses in times of crisis: the Italian road to creating worker co-operatives from workers buyouts (Paper)

Virginie Pérotin: What do we really know about workers' co-operatives (Paper)

Session 5.4: Co-operatives and employment creation

Nursel Durmaz, Bilge Pınar Yenigün: Informality in co-operatives for Turkey: Are they reducing the level of internal employment? (Paper)

Jeremiah Nyatichi: Co-operatives and employment creation: the Kenyan case (Paper)

Ivana Catturani, Millán Díaz-Foncea: The determinants of co-operative employment (Paper)

Session 6.1: Assessing the impact of co-operatives

Abed Yasin: Relevancy analyses in co-operatives: a guiding material for co-operatives' assessment  (Paper)

Uttam Kumar Saikia: Rural development through co-operative banks: Achievements and hindrances in Skkim, India (paper)

Session 6.2: Practitioners’ session on South-South and Triangular Co-operation (Co-operatives and Social and Solidarity Economy)

Anita Amorim:  Linkages between SSE, co-operatives and SSTC from an ILO perspective

Sonia Maria Dias: Social and solidarity economy and co-operativism in Wiego: Networking as a means to engage in solidarity networks (Presentation)








































































































































































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